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WBTN – The Bennington News Source

Posted on: June 7th, 2011 by Patti Eddington

Welcome Back “Finnen”

Former newscaster at Bennington’s Radio Station WBTN, Jim Finnen & his wife Bea returned to Bennington to stop by the station, check out the changes in town and visit old friends recently. Jim and Bea moved to Bennington in 1957 when Jim began his career in broadcasting. It was great to have them as guests here at the Eddington House while they traveled down memory lane.

Jim worked as one of five at WBTN, the local radio station, in the mid 50′s…a time when EVERYONE listened to the local channel to find out what was happening in Bennington and the world. WBTN was the pulse of Bennington and was the source for local news & sports, school closings, weather and traffic updates and of course the Boston Red Sox and music. It was fun to reminisce with Jim & Bea…they knew my Dad and many of his friends who are no longer with us. Jim worked closely with another WBTN announcer Bob Douglas whose family lived across the street from mine growing up.

Jim & Bea loved North Bennington especially Kevin’s and had a great time hanging out with their Vermont buddies. It has been several years since Bea & Jim have been back and Jim asked many questions about the area , changes etc….Once a newsman, always a newsman. Jim & Bea raised their family in Pennsylvania where Jim took a job after leaving Bennington. They are a close knit family and I can see why….Jim & Bea are a delight!!